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Switzerland, officially the Swiss Confederation, is a landlocked Alpine country in Central Europe. The country, which borders Germany to the north, France to the west, Italy to the south, and Austria and Liechtenstein to the east, was historically a confederation, and has been a federation since 1848. Switzerland is a federation of relatively autonomous cantons, some of which have a history of confederacy that goes back more than 700 years, arguably putting them among the world's oldest surviving republics.
With an area of 41,285 square kilometers, Switzerland is a relatively small country. Switzerland comprises three basic topographical areas namely the Swiss Alps, the Swiss plateau, and the Jura Mountains. Switzerland has four official languages namely German, French, Italian and Romansh.
Riehen is one of the preeminent, historical and potential tourism destinations in Switzerland that enjoys a very positive reputation with worldwide travelers. It is a small town with over 20000 inhabitants but it has garnered its village character, with a rich cultural and commercial life of its own. A special feature of Riehen is its location on the German border.
The earlier documentary mentions that Riehen joined Basel in 1522 and became part of the Swiss confederation. Since 1997, the Beyeler Foundation has brought Riehen to international attention. It is home to 20th century art collected by Ernst Beyeler, the owner of an art gallery in Basel, and has been the stage for significant exhibitions and activities. Among these were Christo's Wrapped Trees, pictures of which went round the world. Other places worth a visit are the medieval fortified church, the late Gothic village church of Saint Martin, the Municipal Museum, and the country estates of Wenkenhof and Baumlihof.
Besides culture, Riehen also offers many other possibilities for amusing oneself at sports, walking through the old town or a stroll to the shops in the inner city. A thousand surprising discoveries, great kids hotels, excellent family resorts, one country, Riehen is a truly unique adventure playground for all those who want more than just the seaside, who want more originality, and authenticity, more variety and more family fun. Here, everything is just around the corner and nothing is closer than pure enjoyment.

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