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SORECOgroup Chooses UltraLightClient RIA Solution for its Next Generation of Xpert.Line

Swiss software company purchases corporate license for UltraLightClient.

Basel, Switzerland (PRWEB) March 2, 2006 -- Canoo Engineering is pleased to announce that it has signed an agreement with the Soreco Group for a corporate license of UltraLightClient, a Java library for Rich Internet Application (RIA) development. Soreco and its partners ivyTeam, TI -Informatique Sierre, and SISA Studio Informatica SA Taverne and Reinach will use UltraLightClient to develop rich, desktop-like web user interfaces for their new generation of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Business Process Management (BPM) products. Further terms of the agreement remain undisclosed.

Renato Stalder, CEO of the Soreco Group, said: "UltraLightClient is the best RIA product for our purposes. It's a solution that avoids the risk of proprietary technology and leverages the power of Java's industrial strength. UltraLightClient fits perfectly into our J2EE environment, offering rapid development of rich, responsive web interfaces for our software products. In addition, Canoo offers a clear and simple pricing model - especially suited for independent software vendors. Excellent support and a thriving developer community complete the positive picture. UltraLightClient will enable our customers to use the new generation of Xpert.Line ERP and BPM products in an Internet environment without losing the advantages of rich and highly responsive user interfaces."

Marc Domenig, CEO of Canoo Engineering, commented: "We're pleased to win Soreco as a customer. By choosing a pure Java approach with a clean server-side architecture instead of a technology mix including JavaScript, XML, JSP, XSLT and more, Soreco is minimizing its project risks and keeping costs low. UltraLightClient offers an industrial strength alternative to RIA technologies such as AJAX, and typically leads to highly reliable, scalable, and efficient applications that are much easier to maintain than JavaScript-based alternatives."

UltraLightClient – the Java RIA Solution

UltraLightClient enables the development of Rich Internet Applications (RIA) based entirely on Java standards. It uses Swing on the client, standard communication protocols set by the J2EE container, and standard lifecycle management on the server. In contrast to other more proprietary platforms, UltraLightClient is an add-on library for Swing and J2EE and can be easily integrated into existing web platforms. The principal design of UltraLightClient is based on the half-object and protocol design pattern. Applied to Swing, this pattern is used to offer the Swing API in a server-side programming model, providing rich user interfaces in a web architecture. UltraLightClient-based applications can be deployed in any J2EE container, as a portlet, or even stand-alone without changing the code. On the client, a standard JRE from 1.3.1 or later is all that is required.

A developer license costs US$ 1499 and includes free runtime distribution on any number of servers. A free evaluation license may be obtained for 30 days. See Key Differentiators to find out how the Canoo solution compares with other RIA technologies.

About Soreco

Founded in 1988, Soreco is an established and independent IT company, located in Schwerzenbach near Zurich. Soreco develops and distributes standard ERP software for mid-sized and large corporations. Over 2000 companies from all industry sectors in Switzerland use Soreco solutions. The Swiss company offers know-how in financial controlling, human resources, payroll, business intelligence, document and archive management, as well as process and workflow management.

About Canoo

Canoo is a leader in Web front-end application development and delivers Java-based software consulting services and products. The Basel-based company is privately held, and is participating in the Eclipse Visual Editor project. Besides UltraLightClient, the Canoo product range includes WMTrans, a software library for language analysis and generation, and Webtest, an open-source, XP-style, Java-based functional testing tool for web applications.

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