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NANOSENSORS™ Introduces Q30K-Plus Silicon AFM Probes

Neuchâtel (PRWEB) January 30, 2006 -- The new NANOSENSORS™ Q30K-Plus AFM tip with a very high Q-factor and an enhanced signal to noise ratio for UHV applications was introduced today.

Based on the well-known PointProbe® Plus AFM probe NANOSENSORS™ has developed the Q30K-Plus SPM-probe series especially for UHV applications. For high sensitivity and a good signal to noise ratio the new probes are featuring a Q-factor of over 30 000 (up to 50 000) under UHV conditions and a high reflectivity (even at wavelength of over 800nm).

In addition to the enhanced Q-factor and the optimized signal to noise ratio the Q30K-Plus series offers all features of the PointProbe® plus series like a minimized variation in tip shape and a typical tip radius of less than 7nm.

The Q30K-Plus™ AFM probe is available in the following types and package sizes:

PPP-QNCHR-10 for Non-Contact Mode/Tapping Mode™

Typical Values:

Force Constant = 42 N/m
Resonance Frequency = 330 kHz
Cantilever Length = 125 µm
Cantilever Width = 30 µm
Quality Factor = 30 000

Packages of 10 probes

PPP-QFMR-10 for Force Modulation Mode,

Typical Values:

Force constant = 2.8 N/m
Resonance frequency = 75 kHz
Cantilever length = 225 µm
Cantilever width = 28 µm
Quality Factor = 30 000

Packages of 10 probes


NANOSENSORS™ is specializing in the development and production of innovative high quality probes for scanning probe microscopy (SPM) and atomic force microscopy (AFM). The products are especially designed for scientists at universities, research institutions and industrial R&D centres in the fields of nanotechnology, microtechnology, materials research, semiconductors, biology, biotechnology, chemistry and medicine. NANOSENSORS is a trademark of NanoWorld AG.

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