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FinLab SA Announces the Release of the Latest Version of PackHedge™

A new release of software from FinLab a leader in the provision of tools and technology for the professional investor working in the Hedge Fund industry.

(PRWEB) December 8, 2005 -- FinLab SA provides advanced software products and services to investment professionals making asset allocation decisions on Hedge Funds, Fund of Hedge Funds and Traditional Funds.

Denis de Pentheny O’Kelly CEO of Finlab SA stated that, “Our objective with this latest release of PackHedge™ was to introduce set of new features that meets needs of the professional investor who is a consumer of hedge funds. They typically are Fund of Hedge Funds, Private Banks, Financial Institutions and Family Offices who want to develop a portfolio of investments in the alternative space and need to research, allocate and manage the assets they have placed under hedge fund management. With over a trillion dollars now allocated to some 8000 Hedge Funds and given the low returns and increasing net outflows during the most of 2005 it means the astute investor must now be always dynamically allocating and managing their portfolios. This enhanced version of Packhedge™ delivers new tools that will enable an investment manager to achieve new a new level of accuracy and timeliness in their asset allocation decision making.”

The major areas of functionality that will be delivered in this new version of PackHedge™ includes a Fund of Funds Transaction Tracking module that enables subscriptions, redemptions to be captured and a shareholder register to be built and maintained. Due Diligence Reports can be created and imported to allow a simple and quick method of capturing and communicating fund performance from a given manager. Custom Report improvements means that reports may be generated using multiple assets, indices or benchmarks. Proforma Objects by defining weights on a number of dates allows the accurate calculation of the total value of a virtual portfolio of funds to allow realistic back and stress testing of such a synthetic portfolio. License Key Management improvement in both Terminal Server and Citrix environments allowing Packhedge to work seamlessly in both.

“Finally this new release is the latest delivery from our innovative and robust product strategy which was designed and built by listening to our current and prospective clients. We believe it will meet the ever changing demands of the investment professional for the supply of new technology tools that gives them the competitive advantage they seek in managing their respective client’s investments,” said O’Kelly.

About FinLab SA

FinLab is a software solutions company that develops, distributes and supports one of the world’s most advanced systems for investment research, analysis and asset allocation for both alternative and traditional funds.

The company’s product suite PackHedge™ is a series of state of the art modular software tools that provide an unmatched multi-source, multi-currency, multi frequency qualitative and quantitative data management model. PackHedge™ includes data aggregation, extensive statistical analysis and charting, a multi-dimensional query engine, complete pro-forma portfolio simulation, comprehensive fund of funds portfolio management, and customisable reporting capabilities. The company was formed in 1999 and is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland.

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