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DiGi Selects NexusNETVIEW to Assure GPRS Data Service Quality

Zurich (PRWEB) November 17, 2005 -- Malaysia's most innovative telco, DiGi.Com Berhad ("DiGi"), has selected Swiss-based Nexus Telecom for the deployment of a comprehensive NexusNETVIEW solution suite for the monitoring of its GPRS mobile network.

DiGi is dedicated to strengthening its position as the number one mobile data provider in Malaysia. With the goal of assuring the highest quality GPRS data service levels, DiGi has selected Swiss-based Nexus Telecom for the deployment of a comprehensive GPRS surveillance solution suite.

Currently, DiGi operates a NexusNETVIEW signaling surveillance system for the monitoring of their international GSM services. In the first phase, the NexusNETVIEW system will be enhanced with comprehensive features to monitor DiGi's GPRS data services. Besides sophisticated KPI monitoring and reporting, DiGi will also benefit from other state-of-the-art NexusNETVIEW features such as CDR Call Tracing and Centralized Protocoll Analysis. The second phase will cover the monitoring extension for the entire GSM network.

Nexus Telecom, together with local partner Acterna, is substantially strengthening its position in South-East Asia with this new deal, while consolidating its position as a global player in the world-wide service assurance and service monitoring market. When completed, the surveillance system at DiGi will be Nexus' largest reference in South-East Asia.

About DiGi

DiGi is a leading mobile communications company providing a comprehensive range of affordable, convenient and easy to use wireless services to simplify and enrich the lives of its customers. They create value for their customers by selecting the most appropriate cutting edge technology so that they benefit from products and services that give them choice, convenience and control.

Digi has an established presence as a leader in voice and data prepaid services with a number of firsts that have set industry benchmarks for creativity and innovation. These services are offered under the Beyond Prepaid brand name. Digi's postpaid service under the Horizon Postpaid and Discover Business Solutions brand names deliver high quality voice as well as value-added mobile content and data services to both individual and corporate customers.

About NexusNETVIEW

NexusNETVIEW is a Signaling Surveillance System providing vendor-independent end-to-end visibility of signaling traffic in wireline, wireless/mobile and NGN networks. NexusNETVIEW is a single uniform platform which monitors traffic from networks such as GSM/GPRS, UMTS, PSTN/ISDN, VoIP and NGN. NexusNETVIEW uses non-intrusive probes to capture and monitor (SS7) signaling traffic from communication links such as E1/T1, STM1, 100BaseT/1000BaseT and HSL.

NexusNETVIEW comprises a wide variety of applications to secure and enhance network health, service health and billing verification:

- CDR-based network-wide Call Trace
- Centralized Protocol Analysis
- Network Performance Management (KPI/KQI)
- Alarm Management

About Nexus Telecom

Founded in 1994, Nexus Telecom is a privately-held company with headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland and a North American subsidiary in Ottawa, Canada. With over 200 employees, Nexus Telecom is a major OSS/BSS vendor delivering sophisticated state-of-the-art telecom management and billing solutions to 2G, 3G, NGN and VoIP service providers and network operators worldwide.

Nexus Telecom specializes in Service Assurance, Revenue Assurance and Network/Service Testing solutions, supporting the most recently developed technologies and standards. With solutions deployed in over 100 countries, Nexus Telecom's installed customer base spans the globe, assuring service quality and revenue streams for many of the world's best-known telecom operators. For small and large service providers alike, the highly scalable and modular end-to-end solutions from Nexus Telecom maximize the service provider's competitive edge through excellent ROI, quick and smooth launch of new services, and greatly increased end-customer satisfaction.

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