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Covalys Biosciences Launches SNAP-tag™ Kits for HTRF® Protein Interaction Assays

Witterswil, Switzerland (PRWEB via PR Web Direct) October 31, 2005 -- Covalys Biosciences AG, today announced the launch of new products for "mix and read" protein interaction assays and for pull-down experiments based on its proprietary SNAP-tag. SNAP-vitro HTRF products were developed to facilitate the development of interaction assays in solution using Cisbio international's class leading Homogeneous Time Resolved Fluorescence technology. SNAP-capture products allow the specific, covalent capture of SNAP-tag fusion proteins on a resin bead surface for pull down assays or functional studies.

SNAP-vitro HTRF kits offer a novel and highly effective way to specifically label proteins with the Eu2+ Cryptate donor fluorophore and an appropriate acceptor fluorophore that are required for HTRF® assays. Proteins of interest expressed as SNAP-tag fusions are specifically and covalently labeled. Labeling even works in crude lysates which increases productivity compared to traditional non-specific labeling methods, since the protein no longer needs to be purified before labeling. It also avoids the need to use fluorophore labeled antibodies for detection and so enables the rapid development of robust and highly sensitive protein interaction assays.

SNAP-capture Resin S kits present a new way to perform pull-down experiments by covalently immobilizing a protein of interest, without prior purification, on a resin bead surface. The kits may also be used for studies of protein function. This novel approach dispenses with the cumbersome and potentially damaging capture of the protein on a chemically activated surface or the use of antibodies for protein capture with their associated drift. SNAP-capture Resin S is the first in what is expected to be a series of SNAP-tag immobilization products. As with all other SNAP-tag products, a free license is included which allows use by for-profit and fee-for-service organizations.

"The ability to rapidly, specifically, and covalently label proteins of interest for HTRF assays makes this great assay technology for High Throughput Screening even more robust and easy to implement" said Dr. Christoph Bieri, Chief Executive Officer at Covalys. "We are also very excited to be able to offer the first SNAP-capture immobilization product. The immobilization product line facilitates many experiments performed in biomedical research, particularly in functional genomics, and will make exciting new experimental strategies accessible that were not possible until now."

About Covalys Biosciences AG:

Covalys provides products that help researchers in academic institutions and pharmaceutical and biotech companies to improve the efficiency of research into proteins and their function. Its SNAP-tag technology is the first commercially available protein tag which covalently links itself to any chemical probe provided as a substrate. Covalys' technology is exclusively licensed from the Swiss federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL). Founded in June 2002, Covalys has headquarters in Witterswil, Switzerland.

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