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Ariacom Business Reports version 4.0 for Windows

Ariacom have released Ariacom Business Reports version 4.0, an easy-to-use database reporting solution for non-technical users.

(PRWEB) October 26, 2005 -- For competitive companies to make the right strategic decisions, management and decision makers need instant access to current information and data. Yet for many, the knowledge and facts are all too often buried beneath the technical complexities of a database.

Most companies have some method of extracting this raw information, usually in the form of a person or persons responsible for generating reports as required. The problem with this is that the time frames involved often serve as barriers to access of information. Instead of assisting the flow of information, this sort of system restricts it.

Ariacom Business Reports offers a quick and intuitive means for management and decision makers being able to generate clear, easy to understand reports. With no technical knowledge or experience whatsoever being required.

Such high levels of access provide the company with a detailed level of insight required for accurate, up to date decision making, without having to clear technical hurdles first.

Using Ariacom Business Reports, the user can create, update and manage reports, using well known business terms and easy to understand logic. Complex and detailed reports may be created and edited as required, and then shared, printed, faxed or emailed to others requiring this information. Reports may also be scheduled and automatically published to the internet with the included Report Scheduler and Web Report Server.

Version 4 of Ariacom Business Reports builds further on the strengths of earlier versions of the software. Generating customised charts and lists is even simpler and more flexible, and for the more advanced user, the software now offers a means of entering their own SQL statements, as well as offering dynamic SQL generation.

Ariacom Business Reports allows for total separation of the business data from the underlying technology, and subsequent training, maintenance and general administration is limited to an absolute minimum.

Ariacom Business Reports is easy to use, simple to manage, fully scalable, may be easily integrated with any existing application and can query any SQL database with an ODBC driver.

A standalone version of Ariacom Business Reports is completely free for personal use, and commercial versions are priced from $140 (US) for different editions of the software.

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