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Greater Zurich Area AG Has a New Web Site

Greater Zurich Area AG, the location marketing agency of the greater economic area of Zurich, Switzerland, has launched its redesigned website today. Offering enhanced and more easily accessible content, the new site facilitates the international positioning and advertising of the business location Greater Zurich Area. Greater Zurich Area AG's new Internet presence emphasises the many advantages of the location Greater Zurich Area, in order to increase its name recognition and to attract and support a growing number of international companies in the process of relocating or expanding their businesses to Switzerland.

Zurich, Switzerland (PRWEB via PR Web Direct) September 21, 2005 -- Today, Greater Zurich Area AG has unveiled its new look on the Internet. At the URL, an esthetically and content-wise enhanced Web site replaces the former Internet presence of the location promotion agency of the Greater Zurich Area. Last June, the original Greater Zurich Area Web site was ranked second in an independent study by the department of information management at the University of Bern about the Web offers of Swiss location marketing agencies.

Heightened usability, diversified access and enriched content

Various suggestions of clients and partners of Zurich Area AG in the course of the past three years provided the basis for the redesign of the Web page. An external usability analysis identified additional user guidance improvements that have been realized in the relaunch. As a result, users of the site can now access its vast and enriched information resources in several ways:

-  via welcoming topics that familiarize visitors with the world of the Greater Zurich Area
-  via information categories illustrating the many advantages of Switzerland and the Greater Zurich Area as a business and living location
-  via search function and quick links
-  via an interactive tool that enables comparisons between basic local and economic parameters in the Greater Zurich Area and in other European regions and countries.

The improved functionality of the new site has an aesthetical penchant. A classy, yet more emotional design illustrates the professional and social amenities of the Greater Zurich Area, a market whose economic fundamentals and quality of life are among the highest in Europe and the rest of the world.

"Our Web site is a unique chance to make our first impression a lasting one," says Willi Meier, CEO of Greater Zurich Area AG. "It is our business card, but also our means of choice to approach international companies that are interested in expansion and relocation of their business to Europe and Switzerland." Moreover, providing information about the marketplace Greater Zurich Area is a service in high demand that is most valuable for consulting agencies advising foreign companies in Switzerland, according to Meier.

Country-specific FAQ's and Multilingual Versions

In addition to topical overviews on the region's economic essentials and growth industries such as High-tech and Life Sciences, Greater Zurich Area AG now addresses the specific needs of international visitors. In consideration of cultural and national particularities, Greater Zurich Area AG has added country-specific FAQ's to its Web site.

Currently,, is a bilingual website in English and German. In the near future, Greater Zurich Area AG will provide multilingual content to better address the local needs of potential clients and partners, e.g. in the Far East.

About Greater Zurich Area AG
Greater Zurich Area AG is the organization for the promotion and marketing of the Greater Zurich Area as one of the world's prime business locations. A nonprofit organisation, Greater Zurich Area AG recruits and supports international companies from abroad that are willing to expand or relocate their businesses and to pursue investment plans in Switzerland. In close collaboration with cantonal, regional and federal business promotion agencies and a network of private-sector suppliers, Greater Zurich Area AG makes a vital contribution to strengthening the Greater Zurich Area business region.

The Greater Zurich Area AG is wholly owned by the "Greater Zurich Area Standortmarketing" Foundation. Founded as a public-private partnership in November 1998, by August 2005 it counted the cantons of Aargau, Glarus, Graub? Schaffhausen, Schwyz, Solothurn und Z? the cities of Z?and Winterthur, and several companies among its members.

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