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New Age Diamonds Announces Swiss Representative Office

New Age Diamonds, the Russian producer of fancy colored cultured diamonds, is proud to announce the representative office in Switzerland has started working.

Switzerland (PRWEB) September 7, 2005 -- In the heart of Europe where many business ways are crossing, in between Italy, one of the recognized authorities in the world of jewelry fashion - and Pforzheim, the city of Goldsmiths and Gold-Jewelry manufacturers, is the right place for the first New Age Diamonds European office.

"After visiting some European exhibitions like Baselworld and VicenzaOro I had the opinion that Europe is still too conservative for such an innovative product as our fancy colored cultured diamonds - and it will take years to build the new market for this new kind of diamonds," Mr. Opperskalski, New Age Diamonds European Exclusive Distributor said, - "now I see it different - it will take time of course but New Age Diamonds will find their niche on the market sooner than it was expected".

Charming colors of these new man-made diamonds are their main attraction. Since colorless diamonds became common place, people - especially young generation - have the strong interest in colored stones, but natural fancy colored diamonds of good quality are so rare in nature that only a few people can afford such jewelry. Until synthetic diamonds appeared there was only one alternative for people with average income. Market offered natural fancy colored diamonds with heavy inclusions badly reducing the fire and brilliance of the stones.

Now there is the better option, lab-created fancy colored stones of good quality! Diamonds of New Age are here to satisfy that interest in colored beauty, making customers dazzled with their sparkling luster. And the price is still affordable.

"The classical color of fancy colored diamond is intense yellow or vivid yellow - and yellow it's still most popular, in all tints from canary to fancy vivid - said Mr. Opperskalski, - not to forget apple green diamonds which have their admirers also. We are also planning to go on with pink. The best about New Age Diamonds is everybody can find this special stone that fits to personality, character and even mood!"

Mr. Opperskalski will be glad to contact you at Orogemma, Vicenza, Italy.

About New Age Diamonds

New Age Diamonds is a new trademark on the diamond market but the manufacture itself, a pioneer in the field of diamond creation, has many years of scientific research behind. This Russian company produces synthetic with HPHT method and now is bringing to the market fancy colored cultured diamonds of 3 colors, clarity from I to VVS. Constant innovation of technology and collecting priceless experience is the strategy that makes for the improvement of quality and increasing the size of grown stones.

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