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Nexus Telecom Installs GPRS Monitoring System at T-Mobile Austria

Nexus Telecom is completing the installation of an extensive real-time GPRS/UMTS monitoring system at T-Mobile Austria providing Austria's second largest mobile service provider with in-depth Service Performance Monitoring, Communication Trace and Protocol Analysis as well as CDR generation and analysis for their entire GPRS/UMTS core network.

(PRWEB) September 2, 2005 -- T-Mobile Austria selected Nexus Telecom to install the NexusNETVIEW solution suite to effectively monitor the entire GPRS/UMTS packet-switched traffic. With the versatile multi-technology NexusNETVIEW platform, T-Mobile Austria selected the state-of-the-art service monitoring solution to fulfill best their challenging requirements for best service quality and highest customer satisfaction. With NexusNETVIEW, T-Mobile Austria will be able to perform detailed on-line monitoring and analysis of service performance, service usage statistics and network-wide fault tracking through GPRS/UMTS communication traces and in-depth protocol analysis. In addition, sophisticated CDR generation and traffic analysis features will boost revenue assurance, network and traffic management efficiency. The on-line CDR generation enables T-Mobile Austria to easily expand this solution towards GPRS/UMTS fraud detection.

The NexusNETVIEW surveillance system monitors the GPRS as well as UMTS SGSN and GGSN nodes, Border Gateways and traditional SS7 links. Passive probes collect all communication data from Gb, Gn/Gp, Gi, IuPS and Gr interfaces which are then correlated and fed into the Traffic/Service Monitoring and Communication Trace applications revealing "The Whole Truth" of network and service performance. According to Christoph Kupper, Marketing Director at Nexus Telecom, "for any end-to-end monitoring system it is now essential to collect communication data from a multitude of technologies to correlate, merge and visualize service performance parameters on a single platform".

With the installation of NexusNETVIEW at T-Mobile Austria, Nexus Telecom strengthens its position within the T-Mobile group, in which also T-Mobile Germany deploys a large scale high performance NexusNETVIEW monitoring system for their GSM and GPRS networks.

About Nexus Telecom

Founded in 1994, Nexus Telecom is a privately-held company with headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland and a North American subsidiary in Ottawa, Canada. With over 200 employees, Nexus Telecom is a major OSS/BSS vendor delivering sophisticated state-of-the-art telecom management and billing solutions to 2G, 3G, NGN and VoIP service providers and network operators worldwide.

Nexus Telecom specializes in Service Assurance, Revenue Assurance and Network/Service Testing solutions, supporting the most recently developed technologies and standards. With solutions deployed in over 100 countries, Nexus Telecom's installed customer base spans the globe, assuring service quality and revenue streams for many of the world's best-known telecom operators. For small and large service providers alike, the highly scalable and modular end-to-end solutions from Nexus Telecom maximize the service provider's competitive edge through excellent ROI, quick and smooth launch of new services, and greatly increased end-customer satisfaction.

About T-Mobile Austria

T-Mobile Austria is part of a strong international player ? T-Mobile International ? which is one of the world?s leading mobile network providers with more than 80 Mio customers worldwide. As a strong national player, T-Mobile Austria stands for innovation and dynamics based on the highest degree of customer and market orientation. With over two million customers, T-Mobile Austria is well established in the Austrian market and acts in its role as an innovative trendsetter. Customers benefit from the global brand T-Mobile and from the advantages that this reliable, attractive and innovative mobile phone provider offers.

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