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NEW Leica M844 F19: Little Sister ? Superb Performance

Heerbrugg, Switzerland (PRWEB) August 24, 2005 -- Leica Microsystems is continuing the market launch of the Leica M844 F40 with another highlight. Just like its older sister, which made its international debut in April, the Leica M844 F19 impresses the user thanks to the same first-class optics (M844). The new F19 stand is equipped with high-precision mechanical brakes, which ensure homogeneous movements and stable positioning of the complete microscope system.

Optical strength is our strength

The Leica M844 F19 also contains the high-quality optical components of the M844 F40: the original APO OptiChrome? optics provide maximum resolution, enormous plasticity, outstanding depth of field, high contrast and natural colour fidelity. QuadZoom?, the zoom system with four parallel beam paths, provides the surgeon with undivided light ? independent of the assistant and video system. The new ?Depth Enhancer? creates impressive depth of field. The degree of depth of field can be adjusted easily using either the footswitch or the control unit.

Slim design & homogenous movement control

The small stable foot with easy-running, lockable casters ensures convenient positioning in the operating room thanks to an ergonomic handle. The new F19 stand with three mechanical brakes can be easily and precisely moved in all application areas, thus permitting a stable work position.

Convenience & user-friendliness

The many new functions and settings of the Leica M844 F40 are also available to the user in the new Leica M844 F19. The accustomed convenience for the user is provided by features such as the new ?Two-in-One display control unit?, the clever ?StepCycle?? function, the wide range of ?ErgonOptics?? modules, the exclusive ?UltraLow? II? tube, the practical ?side-to-side quick change for the assistant?, the ?Intelligent Set-Up System? (ISUS?) and the always ready-to-start ?Auto-Reset? function.

The new Leica M844 F19 is uncompromising in terms of optical quality, user-friendliness and accessories. It combines the unique features of the Leica M844 microscope with the stability of a stand operated by mechanical brakes, thus making it an attractive alternative for smaller budgets.

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