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Relax - Your Baby Is Asleep

An innovative new baby sleeping aid developed in Switzerland over the last decade helps infants and babies sleep better in their beds.

(PRWEB) September 10, 2004 -- Tired parents, can't remember the last good night's sleep you had? Sleepy, an innovative new baby sleeping aid from Switzerland can help your baby sleep sounder throughout the night. Over a decade in development, the Sleepy system is helping busy new parents catch up on much needed rest, essential for the rigours of modern family life.

The Sleepy system is a quality crafted Swiss product and comprises of four light blue discs made from Polyamide and strengthened with fibreglass. The discs are placed under the legs or corners of your child's cot or crib. Inside each disc is housed a high-tech rocking system, using no fluids and needing no external power source. This rocking system corresponds to the principle and physical properties of a pendulum. Sleepy's swing creates a continuous, harmonious, rocking motion, which is dictated by the baby's movements (pulse, breathing, and movement) in the cot or crib. This harmonious rocking encourages your baby to fall asleep and stay asleep, resulting in well slept children and babies, relaxed parents, and a relaxed family.

Parents who are using the Sleepy system on their babies cot's and crib's are seeing a marked improvement in their babies sleeping habits and routines. Over 80 % of parents surveyed have noted that their infant is happier in bed. Over 70 % of parents have reported that their child falls asleep easily, and 65 % have said that their child wakes up happier.

Sleepy makes an ideal gift for baby and new parents. This innovative quality product from Switzerland will delight. As parents, we all know how difficult it can be when our sleeping routine dramatically changes with the arrival of a new born baby. Sleepy will help baby sleep, which means more sleep for mum and dad.

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