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The Wayfarers: A Great Walking Vacations Experience!

Perhaps you have never taken walking vacations in your life! Well, the Wayfarers is a tourism company dedicated to offer this style of vacation. With them, you will have the opportunity to plan an excellent vacation in any of the several destinations that they offer. From Greece and Switzerland to the United States and New Zealand, you will surely enjoy the most exciting walking vacations that this company can offer. Some of the most stunning places are amongst the destinations where you will be able to see impressive mountains and volcanoes, lakes and cascades, and other natural and historic attractions.

Founded in 1984, the Wayfarers will provide you thrilling itineraries featuring gracious lodging, diverse landscapes and tasty regional cuisine. In addition, they will help you to obtain the best rates for accommodations, meals on itineraries, ground transfers, among other important things. At the moment, they are planning their 23rd season with a portfolio full with great options. Imagine you walk by some of the most beautiful places of Europe and meeting different people such as winemakers, artisans, farmers and museum custodians. Surely, it will be an interesting, great experience! Therefore, do not miss your opportunity, travel with the Wayfarers and enjoy the best walking vacations ever!

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