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Geneva: The Capital of the Peace

Geneva is located in the western part of Switzerland and it is considered as the smallest metropolis of the world. You can imagine the big cities of New York or London, but Geneva. This is also a multiracial city; 38 % of its habitants are foreigners. The city is located in one of the best locations of the country. It is surrounded by the Lake Geneva, the River Rhône and the Savory Alps. However, it is as well a very little city which can be known in a few days.

Geneva is considered as the littlest metropolis of the world, almost separated of the rest of Switzerland. Geneva is home of the ONU in Europe. There are two seasons in Geneva; summer and winter. During summer, there are many different activities you can do; for example, you can enjoy trips through the GenevaLake (which is the main attraction in the city), know the colonial city, visit the museums, simply walk enjoying the landscapes of the Swiss Alps or go shopping.

During the winter, it is very beautiful too. You can visit the parks and enjoy cultural activities such as opera, ballet, movies, concerts and others. If you prefer activities outdoors, you can visit the Alps and go skiing to exercise your body muscles. There are many places you can visit in Geneva. Some of them are: the art and history museum, natural history museum, and the archeological site of Saint Peter’ cathedral among others. The official languages in Geneva are: German, French and frequently English.

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