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Zurich: A City Divided in Two

Zurich is a city which is divided into two parts by the River Limmat. When you see the city of Zurich, the first thing you think, your first impression, is that the two halves are two different cities. This is so because one part of the city is more modern than the other.

The east part of the city, known as Niederdorf or the Dörfli, is more modern. It is plenty of small shops and cafes. Here, it is also present the twin towers of the Grossmünster like a centerpiece. The other part is located to on the west side of the river and it is known as Lindenhof. This one is more conservative and has more attractions for the tourist.

In this side of Zurich you can find the biggest clock face of Europe. In addition, you can see the Fraumünster: a medieval church decorated with stained glass by Marc Chagall in this century.

Even when this is the most conservative part of the city, it has one of the most prestigious shopping streets in Europe: Bahnhofstrasse. There, you can find boutiques and jewelers of the best quality. In Zurich, you can visit many different museums and other attractions which are waiting for you. If you go to Switzerland, do not miss the chance and visit this beautiful city.

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