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Interlaken: Between Lakes

Interlaken is a city located in the Canton of Bern. Interlaken really means "between lakes", and the city is called like this because it is located between the LakeBrienz and the LakeThun.  This city is perfect for those who love winter sports. It is also a city of reference among other places such like Bern and Zurich. Its proximity to the Alps makes it one of the best places to practice snow sports.

You can explore the surroundings of the city by bus or by car. The main attraction of this town is the MountJungfrau because on it, you have the possibility to practice a lot of sports like skiing, snowboarding and others. There are several accommodation facilities for tourists.

Interlaken is a small city which only has 5,200 inhabitants. The city, in fact, can be explored in a couple of hours. Maybe, for this reason is that it is an important point to buy groceries or souvenirs. Other attractions that you can find in the city are the Höhematte, parts of the gothic church of Schlosskirche and others.

If you travel to Switzerland and you are going to practice snow sports, think about Interlaken as one of your best options.

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