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Lucerne: Picturesque City

Lucerne is located an hour south from Basel and Zurich. It is considered one of the most picturesque cities in Switzerland due to the landscapes that it offers; with great views to the mountains and lakes. It is also famous because this was the favorite place to vacation of the Queen Victoria. Today, Lucerne receives more than 5 million tourists yearly. Tourism is in fact the main source of income of the city.

The city is crossed by the River Reuss which flows very fast to the lake. In both sides of the river, you can admire the medieval squares, numerous churches and chapels which are very ancient, very old houses and different landscapes of the mountains.

Inside the city you can visit the museums; some of the most important are the Picasso Gallery and the Verkehrshaus (transport museum) or simply walk in the parks and garden courtyards.

A curious detail of the habitants of this city is that most of them are young people; due to this situation, there are many different nightlife clubs that you can visit. Another beautiful place is the Pilatusstrasse Boulevard; which makes you feel like in any European Capital. If you travel to Switzerland, consider the option of visiting Lucerne, one of the most picturesque cities in that country.

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