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Locarno: Beautiful Landscapes

Locarno is a district of the canton Ticino in the Swiss lands. It is surrounded by several valleys; this offers tourists the possibility of practicing hiking in the mountains. As soon as you get to the top of one of these mountains, you will admire one of the most amazing landscapes that you have ever seen in your whole life. You will have a whole view of the Lake Geneva. You can admire it better during the summer when the sky is still blue and the day is sunny.

If you are looking for adventure, Locarno invites you to experience one of the most extreme sports; bungee jumping; it can be practiced in the suburb of Tenero. But if you are seeking for a peaceful environment, you can walk to the Lavertezzo bridge; this bridge was built during the seventeenth century and it is still used (especially for tourism); or you can visit the Brione town where you can admire the old churches which were constructed during the fourteenth century.

Locarno is an old town but it has one of the best locations inside the Swiss country; it is located in front of the Lake Geneva and from this town you will have one of the most splendorous views of the lake. Tours in the lake are also available in the town. Locarno offers you adventure and beauty; if you come to Switzerland, do not miss the opportunity and visit this beautiful place.

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