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Davos: Snow Sports and Economy Together

Davos is located in the canton called Graubuenden, the people who have been in this place and in Aspen, Colorado say that these places are very similar to each other. Davos is always covered by snow; this turns this city into a paradise for those who love the snow sports. For years, this place has attracted thousands of people that practice these sports per year. But now, it is attracting more people since the moment when the Swiss approved snowboarding as a new snow sport.

The city is a very important tourist attraction; actually, the main source of income of their habitants is this activity. However, the original idea of their people was to explode the place as a health destination; but every day, more and more skiers started to get in it to practice sports in there. If you are planning to visit Davos during the summer, there is no problem, you still can practice snow sports and additionally enjoy the beautiful landscapes of the Swiss Alps and the Lake Geneva.

But the city of Davos is not only about sports and beautiful natural sceneries; it is also the home of the World Economic Forum, in which presidents, prime ministers and others take place to discuss economic aspects of the world. If you are one of those who love snow sports and splendorous views, visit Davos and enjoy both experiences together.

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