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Lugano: Very Close to Italy

Lugano is considered one of the most far away tourist destinations; it is located in the Canton of Ticino; tourism is the main activity of this city and one of its main attractions is Lake Lugano. The city is very close to the Italian city of Milan, (just 50 km to the south) which gives tourists the chance to visit both cities in just one day. This is an excellent place for shopping souvenirs.

If you are looking for an environment of peace where you can forget the stress of the city, of your work or simply to pass some days quietly, Lugano can be a good choice. This place is the perfect destination for those who are trying to escape from all those things. It offers nice landscapes of the Swiss Alps to the tourists, especially of the lake. Lugano is also famous because it is the third banking center in Switzerland (Zürich and Geneva are the first ones).

Lugano is an old town; in it you can visit the church cathedral of San Lorenzo and different museums or art galleries as the famous Thyssen Bornemisza Collection. Another good reason to visit Lugano is because it is a perfect place to enjoy the Swiss traditional foods.

As a summary, Lugano is the perfect place to get a deserved rest, enjoy shopping and knowing a different culture than yours. If you visit Switzerland or if you are in Milan (Italy), take a chance and come to Lugano.

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