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Simple Golf Swing System Launched To Eliminate The Golf Slice

Kyle Hallberg launched the PurePoint Golf Swing System, a golf swing system that was built specially for the Bogey+ golfer.

(PRWEB) January 5, 2006 -- Golfers have long understood that a good golf swing needs to be consistent even under pressure and that the club head speed in the down swing separates the pros from the average amateur golfers. However only single handicappers and pros could walk down the mysterious world of an efficient and consistent golf swing. Not any more.

Kyle Hallberg, has spilled the beans and has created a golf swing method, PurePoint Golf that takes away the mystery and art element from a successful golf swing and converts that to a simple, consistent and powerful swing. The DVD covers the 5 essential steps that make up this new golf swing system.

Kyle said, "The system focuses purely on Swing Mechanics. It highlights unique points of the swing that add consistency. Here's the secret: With consistency comes power." He added, "Anyone can benefit from this. Physical strength and athletic ability cannot be used as excuses any longer. With this system, all you need is the desire to become a better golfer, and you will reach your goals."

Andy Grand has been testing different golf systems for quite some time. He reported, "You will be able to learn the unique setup and the 5-step system in roughly 3 hours. I watched the DVD twice and spent 10 minutes per day for two weeks to practise the swing drills at home. I saw immediate results on the course."

About PurePoint Golf System:

PurePoint Golf System is a Golf teaching DVD that aids in eliminating the Golf Slice and improving consistency and power. 

About Kyle Hallberg:

Kyle Hallberg is a certified USGTF golf instructor and director of instruction at PurePoint Golf. This golf swing system originally developed by David Nevogt is quite popular with over 7987 Golfers in 16 countries.

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