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Switzerland Attractions

When thinking about Switzerland, words such as art, history, culture should come to your mind. Clearly, Switzerland is a sophisticated place where art galleries and museums such as The Sherlock Holmes Museum and headquarters of international organizations and financial institutions come together to make it a tempting destination. In Switzerland, activities such as swimming, picnicking, sunbathing, boating and even walking are between the most attractive ones. You cannot go to Switzerland without visiting the Swiss Alps. Thus, to have an unforgettable vacation, read the information we have about these and other attractions in Switzerland.

Zoological Garden Basel: Famous for its Gorillas03/17/2006
Albert Einstein Museum: E=mc2 03/17/2006
Cathedral of Saint Pierre: Almost Destroyed and Rebuilt03/16/2006
St-Marie Castle: Home of the Vaud Government03/16/2006
Bern Historical Museum: In the Swiss Capital03/16/2006
Casino Montreux: Good Luck! 03/16/2006
The Swiss Alps: Are You Ready to Hike on Them?03/15/2006