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Casino Montreux: Good Luck!

The Casino Montreux was officially inaugurated in November 26th, 1881 to entertain the guests of the hotels and the residents belonging to the Swiss high class. It was closed in 1914 due to an initiative of several financial institutions in the country which wanted forbid gambling. However, in 1920, it was opened again; this time, it was the result of a initiative of a group of several residents who wanted to establish a legal condition for the casinos in Switzerland.

In the times when the casino was reopened, an orchestra, composed by 45 musicians, played music; in fact, every concert season, they played almost 60 times in the casino. The orchestra finished its presentations in the casino when the World War I exploded because the musicians had to go back to their countries to join the armies.

One night in 1971, mysteriously the casino was burnt. Someone said that the responsible were the people that were still opposed to the approbation of the game in the country. The casino was rebuilt, and it opened its doors again in 1975. Since that moment, this casino has been operating in Switzerland offering entertainment and luck for those who enjoy the experience of bet. Thus, if you are one of those, do not miss the chance of playing in one of the most famous casinos in Swiss lands.

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