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Cathedral of Saint Pierre: Almost Destroyed and Rebuilt

The cathedral of Saint Pierre is located in the beautiful city of Geneva in the western side of Switzerland. The city is considered to be the smallest metropolis of the world. It is also situated in one of the best locations of the country: surrounded by the River Rhône, the Savory Alps and, of course, by the precious Lake Geneva. There are many different things you can do in this city as enjoying the view and environment. In the parks, you can enjoy cultural activities such like opera, concerts, ballet, movies and others. However, one of the places more visited in the city is the cathedral of Saint Pierre.

The construction of this cathedral began in the year 1160 and was finished 150 years later. It was built based on Gothic style. In the year 1536 the church was converted from Catholic Church to Protestant church. When this happened, the protestant leader ordered the destruction of the statues and the frescoes painted in the temple.

By the 18th century, the Gothic facade of the church was change to the neo classical style. The cathedral has a very important archaeological meaning because it dates from the beginning of Christianity. If you really want to get a nice view of the city of Geneva, you just have to climb 157 stairs to get the top of the north tower of the church.

If you visit Geneva you must go to the cathedral of Saint Pierre which is one of the main cultural tourist attractions in the city.

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