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Zoological Garden Basel: Famous for its Gorillas

The Zoological Garden Basel is located in the city of Basel in Swiss lands. This zoo was founded in the year 1874 with the purpose of exhibiting the local fauna. When it opened its doors it had 100 mammals and approximately 400 different species of birds; the most of these animals were from Europe. Nevertheless, the beginning was not very good and the zoo had many financial problems. The solution given was to get exotic animals. This idea promised increases the interest of the people for visiting the zoo.

It was a great plan, because today the zoo has more than 5,000 specimens of approximately 600 different species. The park has an extension of 13 hectare grounds (equivalent to 32 acre). The zoo is very famous for the exhibition of gorillas, but also because they have the highest record of Indian rhinoceros and pygmy hippopotamus. The zoo has developed programs with different Swiss universities and also with schools to develop a sustainable consciousness in the children.

Today the zoo also has different buildings where different aspects of different animals are explained. In fact, the last of these buildings was built in the year 2001 and in it is explained the interaction of several animals from Africa. If you visit the city of Basel, do not miss the chance and come to the beautiful zoo and discover many things that you probably do not know about some animals.

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