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The Swiss Alps: Are You Ready to Hike on Them?

The Alps is a very important mountainous system which is located in the middle of the European continent. One of the most important mountains of this system is the Mont Blanc, which has an altitude of 4,180 meters. The civilization that everybody knows today was built Around the Alps. The meaning of the word Alps is derived of the Latin word "albos" that means white. According to the Germans, Alp was a spirit that lived in the top of the mountains that sometimes went down to bother the habitants.

The system has an extension of 1,000 kilometers and almost all the mountains are taller than 4,000 meters. Even in those dimensions is possible to find an important amount of flora and fauna species. In Switzerland, it is possible to see the Alps from almost any place where you are and this makes this country one of the main destinations to get to them. The majority of the people who visit Switzerland do it to practice sports in these mountains.

Some of the sports that you can practice on the Alps are: skiing, snowboarding and hiking, among others. People who enjoy hiking will find a nice opportunity to admire amazing landscapes and practice exercises in the Swiss lands. If you want to practice sports in the Alps, there are several recommendations that you must follow.

Some of those recommendations are: take a first aid kit with you, a mobile phone, sun lotion, rainproof clothes (even when the weather forecast is good, because the conditions normally change very fast) and water and spare food in case your ride becomes longer than estimated.

If you follow these and other recommendations, you can ask yourself: "Am I ready to hike on the Alps?" If you are ready, it will be a very nice experience that you will never forget.

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