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Med Services Europe Relocates to Switzerland

Zurich, Switzerland (PRWEB) August 30, 2005 -- Med Services Europe, a "Virtual European Headquarters" for pharmaceutical and medical manufacturers has relocated from The Netherlands to Switzerland.

Dr. Gene Emmer, President of Med Services Europe, said "Switzerland offers a much better business environment for a European Headquarters". According to Dr. Emmer the advantages are numerous. Dr Emmer stated that support by the local authorities was extensive. We were carefully guided through many of the steps we required by very competent agents of the office for Economic Development of the Canton of Zurich, saving us a great deal of time and lawyers, expenses.

He also noted that the Swiss bureaucracy is rapid and streamlined. We were issued our provisional residency permits before we arrived in Switzerland and had our final permits within a month after relocation.

The location of Switzerland in Europe weighed-in heavily as a decision making factor. Switzerland is the most central location in Europe, only five hours by train or approximately an hour by plane from the major business centers of Europe.

Public transportation is also very attractive. In many countries, due to traffic congestion combined with unreliable transportation systems; you can never be sure when you will arrive at your destination. In Switzerland you can make an appointment at the other side of the city or the other side of the country and you will be sure to arrive on time.

Language ability is also an advantage in Switzerland. It is not unusual to find employees who are fluent in all of the important European languages including English, German, French and Italian, an issue that Dr. Emmer considers significant to the future of the organization.

Dr Emmer evaluated several options before selecting Switzerland. While every area had its advantages and disadvantages, the balance leaned heavily in favor of Switzerland. Dr Emmer is very pleased about the choice. The Swiss are all about efficiency. Everything works well in this country. Switzerland seems to me to be the ideal location for Med Services Europe.

About Med Services Europe:

Med Services Europe GmbH specializes in Sales, Marketing and Business Development for Pharmaceutical and Medical manufacturers. Med Services acts as a Virtual European Headquarters by developing and managing distribution networks for its clients. Its territory is Western and Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

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