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Unusual Opportunity to Become a WinPLOSION Software Mogul at

If you have ever dreamed of becoming a Silicon Valley success story by owning your own software company, a window of opportunity has just opened. WinPLOSION, a unique Microsoft Windows desktop management tool that allows instant, visual access to any window that is currently opened or minimized, is for sale. Not just the product - the entire company.

(PRWEB) July 13, 2005 -- WinPLOSION brings the windows management ease and power traditionally reserved for other operating systems to the PC world. Designed to replace the hunt-and-peck methodology used by the traditional alt-tab feature included in MS Windows?, WinPLOSION provides an instant graphical overview map enabling the user to instantly choose whatever available window they want to work with. WinPLOSION is a dream come true for the serious business or home power-user. According to a user who ordered copies for each of his law firm's PCs.

WinPLOSION is robust, stable and designed to run on Windows 98/NT/2000/2003/XP and DirectX 8 or later. Now you can own the product as well as the company.

WinPLOSION was developed by a team of four university students. They are seeking to sell 100 % of the rights, title and interest to the product, along with all source code and related intellectual property, customer lists and goodwill, to a person or organization that shares their vision for the future of the product and will continue to develop new versions and open new markets. Serious offers are being considered.

For those who might not want to own a software company, but are interested in owning the software technology, the WinPLOSION source code, written in Delphi/VC++ along with the automated order system which is fully integrated with and a trouble ticket system for supporting WinPLOSION users, is available for licensing. The WinPLOSION source code license is available for just U.S. $2500, the integrated ordering system and help desk source code is $300.

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