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  Home > Switzerland News > Streetwear Clothing Brand is Growing Streetwear Clothing Brand is Growing, based in Switzerland is selling t-shirts, jackets and other clothes all over the web. This urban streetwear fashion brand has doubled its sales in less than one year.

(PRWEB) September 3, 2004 -- The Swiss company based near Neuch?l in Switzerland has successfully launched its first summer street wear clothing collection. Now this young company is about to launch its first winter collection. Skateboard, snowboard and surf oriented, the team is working hard every night to create something original and of high quality.
"The Swiss press helped us a lot to get known," says Andreas Doering, co-founder of the company. After three months, 20 shops are selling with success this fresh brand as most of them are ordering back every month. With over 700 visitors a day, we know that we have a great brand name and we don't know any other brand which is directly web oriented like the dot com included in the brand name. Selling through the web was the starting point for and international web sales increase regularly, mostly from the U.S.A. and Europe, but Asia is also an important emerging market. All the staff of is working at a day job and work for this little startup at night in the cellar of their family house.

The team is now looking for importers or distributors all over the world to make this brand known to more people and street wear shops. Good luck to the team!

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