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Cross Country International: Great Walking Vacations!

Probably, you had never thought about taking walking vacations before! Well, the Cross Country International is a Swiss tourism company specialized in offering this type of vacation for several destinations. From Switzerland and Greece to Australia and Costa Rica, they will help you plan the perfect walking vacations in some of the most beautiful places among their destinations. You will have the opportunity to walk by tropical rainforests, mountains or historic places and enjoy some of the most spectacular views and charming towns around the world. A good recommendation for beginners in this type of vacation is to take first the Switzerland’s Classic Walking Vacation package that it is one of the most popular.

The essential idea of this innovating way to take vacations is that tourists enjoy better the places they visit. Another advantage of this way of tourism is that the tourist can also make friends easily among other tourists in the group. Cross Country International will help all these adventurous tourists that choose this new way to explore the world so that they are supported by interesting and professional guides. In addition, they will offer you great accommodation and transportation. Without a doubt, you will be fascinated with the walking vacation experience! Do not miss your chance!

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