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Russell Tours: Your Ultimate Experience!

One excellent company that offers good tourist packages to explore Switzerland and other countries is Russell Tours. If you are an enthusiast of hiking, this company will provide you great guided walking and hiking tours to nine countries. In addition, they will help you to choose the best dates to travel as well as to obtain great prices. The most popular and interesting of their hiking tours is the "Three Culture Hike". In this tour, you will have the opportunity to discover three different cultures within Switzerland. It begins in the French part of the country named "The Valais", after that, it continues to the German "Bernese Oberland" and lastly, to the "Engadine", where "Romansch" is the main culture.

Some other excellent possibilities to explore with Russell Tours are Norway Fjords, Spain Pyrenees, France Pyrenees, Italy Dolomites, English Lakes, among others. The travel agency will arrange everything such as transportation and accommodation so that you can enjoy an amazing and relaxing experience. The only three basic rules that they request to all their clients is that they always have to use a case on wheels, all their clothing has to be synthetic and finally, they must carry with them essential documents like passport, maps, telephone numbers, hiking boots and rain wear. Therefore, join the adventure with Russell Tours and explore the European wildlife and attractions!

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