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One thing about partnering with our company is, we're going to do everything we can to make it a successful venture — even if we have to twist your arm to do it!

It would be very easy for us to simply sell you an ad and move on. You'd probably have some success and you might even keep renewing with us. But chances are we wouldn't be able to meet our goal of providing you with your Basic Unit of Wealth for less than you're paying now. The reason is simple; we need to work together to provide you with the biggest bang for your buck.

The most proactive customer support in any industry - we call you to insure your success.

Our Customer Support department is probably a lot different than any you've experienced before. The first thing you'll notice is we don't wait around for you to call us, we call you. Regularly. Every week at least. Not for long, maybe 10 minutes or so. But that call is vitally important to your success, and I'll explain why.

We know that the clients who have the most success with us are the ones who are willing to spend just a little time helping us zero in on the message they need to promote. By taking a few minutes each week to review the activity you've had, we can get a much clearer picture of what we can do to help you succeed. The things we learn from you can be utilized to test your message and fine tune your ads.

While weekly calls can go a long way toward helping you succeed, there's nothing better than our monthly Lead Processing Workshop to really jump start your program. The Workshop is a one-day training session that helps you get the most out of our program, and provides your lead processors with the knowledge they need to succeed. Most of our ad packages include multiple invitations, so you can send all your key people to the training for no cost.

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